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[ISN] More police to probe journalists' payments


By Ben Fenton
Chief Media Correspondent
February 6, 2012

The police team investigating corrupt payments by journalists to serving officers is to be increased by 50 per cent because it is now looking into the activities of The Sun, it emerged on Monday.

The senior officer leading a total of 150 staff in a series of inquiries into alleged criminal acts by The News of the World said her team had now contacted 1,578 people whose names appear in documents seized from a private detective contracted to the Sunday tabloid.

Deputy assistant commissioner Sue Akers told the Leveson inquiry into press standards that while there were 90 officers and support staff involved in Operation Weeting, it was the parallel inquiry into phone hacking that was receiving a boost in numbers.

Operation Elveden is looking into the alleged payment of cash to police officers by certain journalists at The News of the World, but last November it arrested a reporter from The Sun and 10 days ago there were early morning raids on the homes of four other journalists, including two who held very high editorial roles at the daily tabloid.


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