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[ISN] Reserve Bank toughens protection against DDoS


By Andrew Colley
The Australian
February 07, 2012

AUSTRALIA'S central bank has moved to bolster its resistance to a form of cyber attack that has become an increasing menace to financial institutions in recent months.

The Reserve Bank of Australia late last week invited computer security providers to help prevent it falling prey to so-called distributed denial of service, or DDoS, attacks.

In a tender briefing statement published on the Commonwealth AusTender system last Friday, the Reserve Bank wrote: "The RBA is increasingly reliant on its presence on the internet, both for the retrieval of information and the provision of services to outside customers across the internet.

"Whilst existing firewall and other security controls provide protection against penetration threats, they are not able to safeguard the RBA against distributed denial of service attacks designed to interrupt the bank's connection to the internet."


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