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[ISN] Ex-Motorola worker guilty of trade secret theft, not espionage


By Sandra Guy
Business Reporter
February 8, 2012

A Chicago federal judge found a former engineer at Motorola Inc. who was stopped at OâHare International Airport five years ago with company documents guilty of stealing trade secrets from Motorola but not guilty of corporate espionage.

Hanjuan Jin, 41, had waived her right to a jury trial on charges of trade-secret theft and economic espionage, leaving it to Judge Ruben Castillo to announce a verdict at the hearing Wednesday.

Prosecutors accused Jin of stealing confidential information from the Schaumburg-based cellphone company, knowing it would likely end up with Chinaâs military.

John Murphy, attorney for Jin, said, âWhile we are disappointed on the guilty verdicts, the overall verdict is a full repudiation of everything the government has pushed for five years â that she was a spy.â

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald said the guilty verdicts should show the corporate community that âwe take these trade secret cases very seriouslyâ and that such cases can be tried successfully without revealing the trade secrets themselves.


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