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[ISN] Boston Police respond to hackers with satirical video


By PoliceOne Staff
February 10, 2012

BOSTON -- As their website went back online Thursday after being hacked last week, Boston Police posted a YouTube video of wry comments from officers poking fun at the mishap.

Set to the same song hacker cohort 'Anonymous' put on the site in the meantime - Time obtained a mirror page of what it looked like, found here - an interviewer asks Boston Police officers to react to the attack, which the group says was retaliation for police "brutality" during Occupy Boston.

"Normally, I sleep pretty well. But since the site went down, I havenât slept a wink," Deputy Superintendent Colm P. Lydon said.

The video ends on a more serious note with a thank you to the community from Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis, who reminds viewers "effective policing is built upon communications."


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