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[ISN] Online surveillance bill will be 'a gold mine' for hackers: Ontario privacy commissioner


By Allison Cross
National Post
Feb 14, 2012

The Conservative government revealed legislation on Tuesday that would increase online surveillance of citizens, as critics and privacy experts argued the bill would unjustly infringe upon the rights of Canadians and act as a magnet for data-hungry hackers.

âThis is going to be like the Fort Knox of information that the hackers and the real bad guys will want to go after. This is going to be a gold mine,â said Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian.

âThe government will say that they can protect the data, and they can encrypt it. Are you kidding me? The bad guys are always one step ahead.â

Bill C-30, tabled as The Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act in the House of Commons on Tuesday, will require telecommunications companies to give police customersâ information without a court order.


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