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[ISN] 5 NY men face charges following their arrest at Natick Labs


15 Feb 2012

FRAMINGHAM (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) - Five men from Bronx, New York answered to charges on Tuesday for allegedly trying to enter the U.S. Soldiers System Lab in Natick with dozens of fake credit cards and potentially stolen electronics.

Natick Police tell FOX 25 that Bryand Raposo, 20, Jeriel DelosAngeles, 22, Daylin Santos-Vargas, 22, Dalmonte Dawill, 19, and Michel Montero De La Cruz, 23, were arrested on Monday afternoon after being stopped at the labs.

De La Cruz decided to stop by the army facility to pick up badges and insignias he needed for his upcoming reservist training. He's an inactive member of the National Guard brigade out of New York. When the guards asked for identification, they found that some of the men were carrying fakes.

Investigators allege that there were 40 fake credit cards and identification as well as nine electronics that are believed to be stolen. Laptops and iPod touches were among the allegedly stolen devices.


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