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[ISN] Nortel turned to RCMP about cyber hacking in 2004, ex-employee says


By Iain Marlow
Globe and Mail
Feb. 15, 2012

Nortel Networks Corp. approached the RCMP about Chinese industrial espionage in 2004 but got no help from Canadian law enforcement or intelligence agencies, according to a former employee concerned about the theft of valuable intellectual property.

Brian Shields, a 19-year Nortel veteran who served as a senior systems security adviser, told The Globe and Mail that the company received little help from security agencies and was only approached by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service shortly before Nortel filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

âThis is a side of the story that, in Canada, needs to be told â the lack of support from Canadian law enforcement, who we went to in 2004,â Mr. Shields said. âWe went to the RCMP and turned everything over â There was no help. CSIS came to us in 2009, finally, five years later, to offer to help just before the bankruptcy announcement â Like, where have you guys been?â

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said that it found no record of the Nortel computer hacking complaint but that it would likely have been âpurgedâ from internal records if the case did not result in charges. CSIS declined to comment.


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