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[ISN] ictQATAR issues policies to secure govt information


Gulf News

The Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ictQATAR) has issued two policies for government agencies aimed at better securing government information and assets.

The Government Information Assurance Policy and the BlackBerry Security Policy both address information assurance in regard to existing and emerging technologies, and include specifications on areas such as governance structure, risk management, third party security (outsourcing), security awareness and incident management. âThe rapid increase in usage of information and communication technology across the government sector has resulted in important government information being shared, stored and accessed in new ways. This has made government more efficient and responsive. However, appropriate actions must be taken to ensure valuable government information is protected and secured.

âIn developing our policies on Government Information Assurance and for BlackBerry Security, ictQATAR worked with other government stakeholders to ensure the policy met the highest security standards, while remained practical to implement, and flexible enough to be applicable to emerging technologies,â said Khalid al-Hashimi, executive director (Cyber Security) at ictQATAR.

The Government Assurance Policy specifies high-level information classification methodology for all government entities in Qatar, which allows for appropriate values to be ascertained, risks to be determined and appropriate protections to be applied.


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