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[ISN] The Espionage Behind the America's Cup Yacht Race


By Joe Rosato Jr.
NBC Bay Area
Feb 22, 2012

Inside a cavernous white room amid the ramshackle piers of San Franciscoâs Southern waterfront, a group of men in white industrial suits scrape away at what looks like a long Styrofoam canoe.

Men in matching black jackets emblazoned with the Oracle logo nervously scan the group of media invited into this top secret room within the yacht racing teamâs massive headquarters at Pier 80.

The canoe-like structure will eventually make-up half of the hull for the teamâs 72-foot catamaran that will compete in the 2013 Americaâs Cup yacht race. For now, the design is strictly under wraps.

âWeâre working hard to come up with the best mousetrap to win this event,â said Dirk Kramers, one of the Oracle Racing Teamâs catamaran designers. âWeâd just like the other guys to figure it out for themselves and not show them what weâre doing.â

Above the curtained area where the hull is coming together, a giant sign says âTop Secret,â just in case visitors didnât get the message. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi was allowed in. So was San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. For everyone else â itâs "keep out."


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