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[ISN] Tony Bennett left his heart, others leave mobile devices in San Francisco


By William Jackson
Feb 28, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO -- A survey done in advance of this weekâs RSA Conference found that more than 2,300 mobile devices, including cell phones, tablets and laptops, have been separated from their owners at 20 downtown hotels.

The devices were left behind in hotel guest rooms, bars and lobbies in the Union Square and Financial District, near the Moscone Center where the massive security and crypto conclave is held each year.

The survey, conducted by Credant Technologies, had no word on the number of marriages, careers or weekends that were ruined by these losses, but on average, 45 percent of the devices go unclaimed. One hotel reported that 92 percent of devices it had found were not reclaimed.

Mobile security and access control are hot topics in IT security right now, but it is easy to forget that there also are low-tech threats to the latest technology.

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