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[ISN] Hackers breach Reserve Bank


By Lia Timson
IT Pro Editor
March 11, 2013

Hackers penetrated computers at the Reserve Bank of Australia in a "highly targeted" and "plausible" email phishing scam targeting employees.

The incident, reported in the Australian Financial Review on Monday, took place in November 2011. Details of the attack were included in a FoI request by another party and released by the RBA in December 2012.

The Bank's incident report shows a targeted malicious email was sent to several staff on November 16 and 17, including senior management up to heads of department. It was titled "Strategic Planning FY2012" and included a link to a zip file containing a trojan.

The email used a "possibly legitimate external email address purporting to be from a senior bank employee. It included a legitimate email signature and plausible subject title and content," the report stated.


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