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[ISN] Google Offers Help, Advice for Hacked Website Owners


By Todd R. Weiss

Google set up online resources to help the owners of hacked Websites regain control and make security repairs.

Google is offering a new series of "how-to" articles and videos to help the owners of hacker Websites regain control of their online properties and keep the Internet safer for users.

The project was put together by Google to explain the technical and procedural steps that have to be followed to halt the malicious activities of hackers, while also providing information for bolstering your Website security to prevent such attacks from happening again, wrote Maile Ohye, Google's developer programs tech lead, in a March 12 post on the Google Developers Blog.

"If you've ever helped a friend recover their hacked site, you know it can get fairly complicatedâbeyond just the technical issues," wrote Ohye. "Our new 'Help for Hacked Sites' series includes articles and 80+ minutes of video to help you, and to help you help others."

The new site provides answers and information about why Websites are attacked and taken over by hackers, how it was done and what must be done to remove "this site may harm your computer" warning labels that can be added to search results when an infected or compromised Website is found during a search, wrote Ohye. Those warning labels will keep future visitors from using your Website until you make repairs and remove the labels.


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