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[ISN] Feds charge two men in plot to sell hacked Subway gift cards worth $40, 000


By Cyrus Farivar
Ars Technica
Mar 15 2013

Two California men were charged in a case involving hacking point-of-sale (POS) computers at various Subway restaurants in a newly unsealed indictment on Friday in Boston.

The two suspects are Shahin Abdollahi, aka âSean Holdt,â and Jeffrey Thomas Wilkinson, both of San Bernardino County, California, east of Los Angeles.

Prosecutors have accused them of hacking at least 13 such POS computers, installing a remote desktop application onto those computers which then they used to falsely load Subway gift cards totaling âat least $40,000.â They are alleged to have then sold those gift cards on eBay and Craigslist.

In September 2012, two Romanians admitted to participating in a similar international scheme involving hacked Subway POS computers, racking up more than $10 million in losses.


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