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[ISN] Mandiant: Chinese hacker unit attempted to clean up online presence


By Jennifer Martinez
The Hill

An elite unit of Chinese hackers that allegedly waged a massive cyber-espionage campaign against U.S. companies has attempted to clean up their online presence after being identified in a public report by information security firm Mandiant.

Since the release of the report last month, top administration officials have called on China to take urgent steps to crack down on hacker attacks and curb the siphoning of intellectual property from American companies.

After outing the hacker unit in its report, Mandiant executives said Tuesday that the Chinese hackers have taken steps to clean up their tracks and have largely stopped their activity.

"We've seen them try to clean up some of their online presence," Richard Bejtlich, chief security officer of Mandiant, told the leaders of the Senate Armed Service Committee's subpanel on emerging threats and capabilities at an unclassified briefing on Tuesday. "Some of the public databases that we or other security researchers can use to identify them, they've changed some of those entries."

"We've seen them change some of their infrastructure so the computers they were using to hop from China to the West, some of that has been changed but we've been able to keep up with them," Bejtlich added.


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