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[ISN] Pentagon Plans to Deploy More Than 100 Cyber Teams by Late 2015


By Aliya Sternstein
March 19, 2013

Within three years, the Pentagonâs Cyber Command will deploy more than 100 teams focused predominantly on defending military networks rather than attacking adversariesâ systems, according to Defense Department officials.

The department recently reorganized Cyber Command, which since 2010 has directed offensive and defensive operations in cyberspace, into three âmission forces.â Two of those forces will engage in digital assaults, while the third will shield the dot-mil domain. The Washington Post first reported the organizational structure in late January.

The organization defending military networks -- cyber protection forces -- will comprise more than 60 teams, a Pentagon official said. The other two organizations -- combat mission forces and national mission forces -- will conduct offensive operations. National mission forces will employ 13 teams focused on securing U.S. private networks powering critical infrastructure such as transportation systems and other vital industries, the official said.

At a Senate Armed Forces hearing last Tuesday, Gen. Keith Alexander, head of Cyber Command, said the combat mission forces will include 27 teams and would âsupport the combatant commands in their planning process for offensive cyber capabilities.â


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