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[ISN] Analyzing foreign health data breaches


By Patrick Ouellette
Health IT Security
March 21, 2013

The U.S. has experienced its fair share of health data breaches over the past few years, but there are breaches popping up all over the world that are worth watching because of the varied nature of the attacks. HealthITSecurity.com aggregated a few foreign data breaches, many originally pointed out by PHIPrivacy.net, and found some collective threads among the reports.

The breaches range from the unusual to the not-so-surprising, but thereâs a general theme here that applies to many of the U.S. breaches as well: They were entirely preventable. Letâs take a look:

The bizarre

This was certainly a weird one. According to abclocal.com, a Brazilian doctor used fake fingers with the prints of 11 doctors and 20 nurses to pretend they were showing up to work five overnight shifts each month instead of just one. Apparently Ferraz Vasconcelos Hospital staff paid the director $2,400 per month to participate as well. Going the biometrics route is certainly unusual and as the technology becomes more popular, this will be a trend worth keeping an eye on.

Up in Canada, there was another strange case where a former morgue employee was reportedly a fan of snapping pictures of female corpses. The employee was later fired as a result of these photos. You can read the rest of the story here at SunNewsNetwork.ca.


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