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The New York Times
March 24, 2013

WASHINGTON â In the eighth grade, Arlan Jaska figured out how to write a simple script that could switch his keyboardâs Caps Lock key on and off 6,000 times a minute. When friends werenât looking, he slipped his program onto their computers. It was all fun and games until the program spread to his middle school.

âThey called my parents and told my dad I was hacking their computers,â Mr. Jaska, 17 years old, recalled. He was grounded and got detention. And he is just the type the Department of Homeland Security is looking for.

The secretary of that agency, Janet Napolitano, knows she has a problem that will only worsen. Foreign hackers have been attacking her agencyâs computer systems. They have also been busy trying to siphon the nationâs wealth and steal valuable trade secrets. And they have begun probing the nationâs infrastructure â the power grid, and water and transportation systems.

So she needs her own hackers â 600, the agency estimates. But potential recruits with the right skills have too often been heading for business, and those who do choose government work often go to the National Security Agency, where they work on offensive digital strategies. At Homeland Security, the emphasis is on keeping hackers out, or playing defense.


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