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The Times of Israel
March 24, 2013

In an unsettling announcement, the hacker group known as Anonymous and affiliates proclaimed over the weekend that they had broken into the Mossadâs servers and stolen the names and personal details of top IDF officials, politicians and, especially, Mossad agents. But those claims are inflated, to say the least, according to Middle East Internet expert Dr. Tal Pavel.

âWhatever they stole, it probably wasnât secure details of top Israeli brass, either from the army or the Mossad,â Pavel told The Times of Israel.

Reports on several hacker websites said that Anonymous, along with the Turkish group The Red Hack and the Arab group Sector404, both of which are allied with Anonymous, managed to break into the Mossadâs public website and steal several Excel spreadsheets containing the details of over 34,000 âMossad agents.â The files list names of the alleged agents, email addresses (private and work), home addresses and other identification information. The hack is just the first of a major new front in Anonymousâ ongoing #OpIsrael campaign, which aims to destroy Israelâs cyber-presence.

But whatever it was that the hackers thought they got, it wasnât a list of Mossad agents, said Pavel. âThere is no doubt that they got some identification information about Israelis, but the claims that they hacked the Mossad site and got a list of Mossad agents is most likely psychological warfare, and not a hack into an important database,â said Pavel.


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