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[ISN] OHSU warns: Stolen laptop had patient information


By Pamplin Media Group
25 March 2013

Oregon Health & Science University is contacting more than 4,000 patients whose medical information was on a doctorâs laptop computer stolen in late February from a rented vacation home in Hawaii.

OHSU officials said the laptop taken during a burglary included information in an email program on 4,022 patients. Almost all of the patient information was contained within daily surgery schedules that are emailed to surgeons. The schedules on the laptop were for surgeries that took place in late 2012 through Feb. 20, 2013.

The information included patient names, OHSU patient medical record numbers, Type of surgery for each patient, surgery dates and locations and the name of the surgeon and anesthesiologist.

In addition, OHSU security investigators determined that a small number of the nearly 5,000 emails stored on the laptop contained Social Security numbers for nine patients. Those persons are being offered free identity theft monitoring.


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