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[ISN] Fusion Cell cyber-unit will defend UK business from cyber-attack, Government announces


By John E Dunn
27 March 2013

Cabinet Office minister Francis Maude will today announce the Governmentâs futuristic-sounding âFusion Cellâ, a 12-15 person group of elite security experts who will sit in front of screens at a secret location monitoring cyber-attacks against the UK and its businesses in real time.

Launched as part of the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CISP) meant to connect the expertise of GCHQ, MI5 and Government to the businesses community, the Government hopes Fusion Cell protect businesses from the waves of cyber-attacks that hit them every day.

CISP was trialled to 60 businesses as part of Project Auburn over the last year and has since been be extended to 160 firms, including many in defence, energy, telecoms and key parts of the public sector.

The key job of Fusion Cell is to give participants visibility on attacks as they happen, something that has dogged cyber-defence plans to date.


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