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Re: PGP Keyserver Synchronization Protocol

In <19990623095541.F30893@frodo.isil.d.shuttle.de>, on 06/23/99 
   at 09:55 AM, Werner Koch <wk@isil.d.shuttle.de> said:

>Tony Mione <mione@hardees.Rutgers.EDU> writes:

>> Any reason for MD5? I understand the SHA-1 is longer. However, it is
>> thought to be a stronger hash the MD5 at this time. 

>Yes it is longer and therefore increasing the amount of bytes to
>exchange.  I can't see a reason for a cryptographic strong hash algorithm
>here - it is merely used as a checksum.  MD5 is good enough for this.

Actually MD5 seems too large for this but I don't know a good replacement
that would be smaller than MD5 but still large enough to be collision

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