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RE: PGP Keyserver Synchronization Protocol

In <41A8197B6ABCD2119C0600204804F0CC0F2354@rbmail101.chamb.disa.mil>, on
   at 09:08 AM, "Gaon, David" <gaond@ncr.disa.mil> said:

>William Geiger wrote:

>>>Once the client has downloaded a key from the server and updated it's data
>>>base, if the hashes are still different then the client must have the
>>>"newer" data.

>Where did the client get the ""newer data"" from ??
>Is not the client updating  himself from a master database that should
>have the latest info ??

No. The "client" receives updates from 2 sources:

Individual users uploading new/updated keys.

Other servers sending "incermentals" which are the new/updated keys that
they have received from individual users or other servers.

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