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Re: Multiple OpenPGP messages per file: legal or not?

On Sun, Oct 07, 2007 at 03:26:30PM +0100, Rachel Willmer wrote:
> I've hit an interoperability problem with GnuPG, and need guidance on
> the legality or otherwise of multiple OpenPGP messages in a single
> file where those messages are "Encrypted Messages" (as defined in
> Section 11.3 "OpenPGP Messages".
> If I have a file which contains 2 Encrypted Messages, e.g. the packet
> sequence goes:
> ESK Sequence | Encrypted Data | ESK Sequence | Encrypted Data
> is this:
> a) legal
> b) illegal
> c) legal but not supported by GnuPG
> d) outwith the scope of the ID since that defines only "OpenPGP
> Message Format", not what you can do with those messages
> I believe the answer is either (c) or (d)....

The answer, I would say, is (d): out of scope.

The spec requires that Transferable Public Keys can be concatenated,
but not Encrypted Messages.