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Re: Multiple OpenPGP messages per file: legal or not?

On Sun, Oct 07, 2007 at 11:41:25PM +0100, Rachel Willmer wrote:
> If (d) "out of scope", which spec does define file formats?
> If the answer is "there isn't one which does", how do we plan to do
> interoperability between applications which use the OpenPGP packet
> format? e.g. to transfer Encrypted Messages.

I didn't quite mean "out of scope" in that sense.  I meant "the spec
doesn't mandate it or forbid it, so it's up to the implemention to
decide."  As you saw, GPG doesn't do it.

> Is there an implicit assumption in the spec that Message = File?

Not exactly.  The spec just defines bytes in a particular order.
Those bytes could be an array in memory, a file, a stream over a
network, etc, and the spec doesn't really care.  That said, the spec
does pretty much say that a file is one of the possible carriers of
those bytes.