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Re: Multiple OpenPGP messages per file: legal or not?

> I think the spec does define this.  It defines all of those items that
> you mention in the grammar in section 11.3.  Any OpenPGP-compliant
> application should be able to write such a message in such a way that
> any other OpenPGP-complaint application can read it, or one or both of
> the implementations aren't OpenPGP compliant.
> What the spec doesn't define is whether an application must process an
> "OpenPGP Message, OpenPGP Message" -- two messages concatenated
> together.  There is an assumption in the spec that a single stream
> contains a single message,

If that is intended, it should be explicitly stated, IMHO.

And if that is the case, then ok, I can get back to writing test
cases, and forget about writing RFCs.

If it is stated somewhere and I've missed it, can you point me at the
reference please?