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Re: Multiple OpenPGP messages per file: legal or not?

Quoting Rachel Willmer <rwillmer@xxxxxxxxx>:

By current rules, 2 Jabber clients which both support OpenPGP wouldn't
necessarily be able to talk to each other unless they use the same

That's not at all true.  The Jabber/OpenPGP integration rules (which
do exist, by the way!) specify the message boundaries outside of the
OpenPGP work.  In other words the jabber specification talks about how
to break apart the XML stream into multiple OpenPGP messages, and then
you just need to feed each "message" into your OpenPGP processor

As an implementor (chair hat not on) I really don't think we need a
general draft to specify how to frame multiple OpenPGP messages.
I think that the application using OpenPGP can define how it wants
to frame messages (just like how Jabber specifies the message framing).
RFC2440 and 2440bis already have a framing algorithm, called Ascii Armor,
which can let you store multiple OpenPGP messages into a single file.

So I just don't really see the need.

As the chair, however, I'm amenable to adding the work if there is a consensus
that such work is actually required.



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