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Re: Multiple OpenPGP messages per file: legal or not?

Ian G wrote:
> Ben Laurie wrote:
>> I think this entirely misses the point - the question is not how
>> messages are stored/transmitted, but what an implementation should do
>> when some unit of storage/transmission contains more than one message.
>> It seems entirely reasonable to me that it should be expected to keep
>> eating messages until there are no messages left to eat, however the
>> spec does not state that. It seems to me that it could, quite easily.
> Nope.
> The decision you are asking for is a semantic one.  I.e., what does it
> mean to have two messages?  In a transactional environment, it would be
> the height of protocol rudeness for OpenPGP to impose a meaning on the
> messages.  That decision lives firmly at the app level.

I am not arguing with that. However, I am not asking for any semantic
interpretation from, say, GPG, which does not really do semantics.

> See also that other example in rejoinder to Rachel.

In which I agree that it is up to the application to interpret the
meaning of having two signed messages in one file. Or, indeed, in having
two signed messages in two files.

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