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Re: Anyone up for an OpenPGP Object Format RFC?


"Rachel Willmer" <rwillmer@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> So, if you've been paying attention in the previous thread, you'll
> gather I think we should have a common standard for file formats for
> common OpenPGP objects such as encrypted files, signed files, and
> keyrings.
> Anyone from the other implementation teams interested in writing an
> RFC with me to cover this?

 I wouldn't call it an "OpenPGP Object Format".  If you want to call
it a "Framing Method for Storing Multiple OpenPGP Messages in a Single
File", that it probably more accurate to the problem at hand.  This
would certainly parallel something like "OpenPGP in XMPP" (which I
mentioned in an earlier email).

I'm certainly willing to listen to the WG to see if others think
that we really need such a draft.

> Rachel


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