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Re: [openpgp] AS2+OpenPGP protocol extension review request

Ben McGinnes <ben@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>Essentially it's a design for extending the W3C's ActivityStream version 2.0
>(AS2) and ActivityPub (AP) protocols for federated social networks (e.g.
>Mastodon and Pleroma) with OpenPGP in order to provide a host of features not
>inherently built into AS2 and AP.

Just a note on this, I don't know what the W3C's AS2 is but whatever it is
it's nothing like the real AS2, which is a secure EDI standard that's been
around for close to twenty years (there are actually several AS standards, but
the most widely-used one is AS2).  So if anyone goes looking for AS2 security
information, they're going to get a very different AS2...


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