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Re: [suse-security] AmaVis or InterScan VirusWall

On Tue, 22 Oct 2002, Thomas Lamy wrote:

[ cut'ed a nice summary :) ]

> Personally I use amavisd, with AntiVir from H+B EDV (www.hbedv.de), trophie
> (http://www.vanja.com/tools/trophie/), an alternative frontend for
> TrendMicro's libvsapi shared library, and clamav

I'd just like to point out using an anti-virus daemon like
Sophie/Trophie, F-Prot Daemon or Kapsersky Anti-Virus Daemon (just to name
a few) speeds up amavis/amavisd a lot. Actually, I planned to ship amavisd
on SuLi 8.1, but my time was too limited to fix some issues + add some
features to amavis 0.3.12pre8 and amavisd-snapshot. So, I sheduled a
deamonized version of amavis for the next SuSE Linux release -  whether
it will be amavisd, amavis-ng (not yet deamonized) or amavisd-new, I
simply can't tell yet. Every "branch" has it's pros/cons. Probably I
should start a survey ;)

> I must say that amavisd is a really outstanding piece of software, and can
> only recommend using it.
Thank you very much. I'm sure the AMaViS Team really appreciates it :)

best regards,
Rainer Link
(SuSE Labs)

Rainer Link  |           SuSE Linux AG - The Linux Experts
link@xxxxxxx |  Developer of A Mail Virus Scanner (www.amavis.org)
www.suse.de  | Founder OpenAntiVirus Project (www.openantivirus.org)

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