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Re: [suse-security] AmaVis or InterScan VirusWall

Arjen de Korte [mailto:arjen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] wrote:
> On Tuesday 22 October 2002 20:08, Thomas Lamy wrote:
> > Personally I use amavisd, with AntiVir from H+B EDV 
> (www.hbedv.de), trophie
> > (http://www.vanja.com/tools/trophie/), an alternative frontend for
> > TrendMicro's libvsapi shared library, and clamav
> > (http://clamav.elektrapro.com/), a free scanner which uses OpenAV's
> > (http://www.openantivirus.org) signatures, but is 
> implemeted in C (openav
> > is written in Java). All these in different combinations, 
> and they all work
> > very well.
> > I must say that amavisd is a really outstanding piece of 
> software, and can
> > only recommend using it.
> <shamelessplug>
> If you only use the H+BEDV scanner (AntiVir), you can also use their 
> 'avmilter' package. It is available for download on their homepage 
> (http://www.hbedv.com).
> </shamelessplug>
I must admit this is true, but keeps you from using more than one scanner
(on the same machine), which amavisd is capable of (at least after some
tweaking). At customers with > 50 viral mails every day I recommend to use
at least 2 scanners of different vendors (saved my life once when Trend's
download site was busy).

> Private, non commercial use is free with a key they send once 
> registered 
> (you'll need a key anyway, even if you use 'amavisd' with 
> AntiVir after the 
> evaluation period). I must admit I have no experience with 
> 'amavisd', but 
> 'avmilter' speeded up scanning significantly compared to 
> 'amavis-perl'.

The speed increase is enormous. I twice got 3000 Mails in one hour because
we had an obscure mail loop; amavis (old) kicked the machine to death (flaky
motherboard/RAM), on the same machine amavisd did it's job properly (with at
least 3x throughput).

> Arjen


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