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Re: [suse-security] Martian Source

On Mit, 23 Okt 2002, Grosswiler Roger wrote:

>> But it also can come from the inner network, when you configure a
>> machine on the same hub/switch with different Network-Adresses (eg: you
>> have, but your normal network have
>is there a possibility to find out? is there a small tool somewhere around?

etherreal, tcpdump .... try to find the MAC-Adress ;)

An other workaround could be:

- half your Network (plug-out 50% of all Network-Connectors to your
  hub/switch), and see about the problem is in the rest of the other 50%

=> do this as often as you need...

(this was a helpfull idea/problem-solving from the older BNC-based
 Networks ;)

>> These times i cant see any security related problems at all - but any
>> comments are welcome...
>i found a lot of entries on google, unfortunately i am not a technician so
>it was not really helpful...see
>..perhaps a little helper...thanx for ur help!

Those articels listing the Kernel-Setup and/or stated to define it run-time
within the /proc filesystem. Other articles related to the Kernel-Source ;)

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