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Re: [suse-security] Martian Source

Often this also happens, when the patch cables are plugged in the wrong way,
the LAN side cable is then in the WAN side slot...
Did you checked this out?

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At 16:34 23.10.2002 +0200, Joerg Henner wrote:
On Mit, 23 Okt 2002, Grosswiler Roger wrote:

>> But it also can come from the inner network, when you configure a
>> machine on the same hub/switch with different Network-Adresses (eg: you
>> have, but your normal network have
>is there a possibility to find out? is there a small tool somewhere around?

etherreal, tcpdump .... try to find the MAC-Adress ;)

An other workaround could be:

- half your Network (plug-out 50% of all Network-Connectors to your
  hub/switch), and see about the problem is in the rest of the other 50%

=> do this as often as you need...

(this was a helpfull idea/problem-solving from the older BNC-based
 Networks ;)

>> These times i cant see any security related problems at all - but any
>> comments are welcome...
>i found a lot of entries on google, unfortunately i am not a technician so
>it was not really helpful...see
>..perhaps a little helper...thanx for ur help!

Those articels listing the Kernel-Setup and/or stated to define it run-time
within the /proc filesystem. Other articles related to the Kernel-Source ;)

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