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Re: [suse-security] AmaVis or InterScan VirusWall

On Wednesday 23 October 2002 10:03, Thomas Lamy wrote:

[ about amavisd ]

> The speed increase is enormous. I twice got 3000 Mails in one hour because
> we had an obscure mail loop; amavis (old) kicked the machine to death
> (flaky motherboard/RAM), on the same machine amavisd did it's job properly
> (with at least 3x throughput).

Ah! As I wrote, my only amavis experience comes from the amavis-perl version 
as bundled in SuSE 8.0 Professional. I admit, the hardware it has to run on 
is not the most sophisticated available in the market (old Pentium 133 from 
the junkbox, 64MB). But as I only needed a mailserver for my family, I didn't 
want to invest in a new server. The change to avmilter sure improved the 
performance a lot. I wonder if SuSE 8.1 comes with amavisd, or still with the 
slooooow amavis-perl version? This might just help me decide it is time for 
another donation to SuSE and perform an upgrade...

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