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Re: [suse-security] AmaVis or InterScan VirusWall

On Wed, 23 Oct 2002, Arjen de Korte wrote:

> > The speed increase is enormous. I twice got 3000 Mails in one hour because
> > we had an obscure mail loop; amavis (old) kicked the machine to death
> > (flaky motherboard/RAM), on the same machine amavisd did it's job properly
> > (with at least 3x throughput).
> Ah! As I wrote, my only amavis experience comes from the amavis-perl version
> as bundled in SuSE 8.0 Professional. I admit, the hardware it has to run on
> is not the most sophisticated available in the market (old Pentium 133 from
> the junkbox, 64MB). But as I only needed a mailserver for my family, I didn't

Hum, virus scanning is somewhat CPU/ressource consuming :) As said
already, using a daemonized virus scanner is a good idea.

> want to invest in a new server. The change to avmilter sure improved the
> performance a lot. I wonder if SuSE 8.1 comes with amavisd, or still with the
> slooooow amavis-perl version? This might just help me decide it is time for
> another donation to SuSE and perform an upgrade...

Actually, I planned to ship amavisd for 8.1, but due to time constraints I
neither could port some fixes/enhancements I did for 0.3.12pre8 to
amavisd-snapshot nor could I do heavy testing. Therefore,
the latest amavisd-snapshot version is not shipped. For all those brave
people out there, I've put some (SRC) RPMs at
ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/people/link/amavis/SuSE/8.1/. Note, those are not
official SuSE RPMs and you should use them with care!

Patches I did for amavis 0.3.12pre8 can be found at
ftp://ftp.suse.com/pub/people/link/amavis/SuSE/patches/. They have to be
applied in a certain order, see the INDEX file. Some of them should apply
to amavisd-snapshot cleanly, some have to be patched "by hand".
(NB: most of those patches have been added to CVS for both the amavis and
amavisd branch). I hope, Lars will put out a new amavis/amavisd release
soon, but, well, he's busy with other stuff (same for me). The amavis
project simply lacks man-power (but I assume, that's true for most
projects :))

Note: both SuSEconfig.postfix and SuSEconfig.sendmail check via rpm -q
amavis-postfix / amavis-sendmail if the correct amavis version is
installed. So, for the niffty automatic amavis integration ;), you have to
change this to rpm -q amavisd-postfix / amavisd-sendmail - and a similar
change would be needed to the yast2-config-mail sources. Urkx, I think
you should make these changes very carefully and you should (re-)think
twice doing them :) (an update of postfix/sendmail/yast2-mail would revert
them, too). Only for the experienced users, I think :)

Please do _NOT_ ask me for building this or that RPM for SuLi x.y. My time
is way too limited. I have to put some more efforts into my
samba-vscan stuff and my diploma thesis. Thanks for your appreciation.

And, well, amavis(d) will never as fast as AvMailGate or other products
written in C.

best regards,
Rainer Link
(SuSE Labs)

Rainer Link  |           SuSE Linux AG - The Linux Experts
link@xxxxxxx |  Developer of A Mail Virus Scanner (www.amavis.org)
www.suse.de  | Founder OpenAntiVirus Project (www.openantivirus.org)

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