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AW: [suse-security] SuSEFirewall 2 / SuSE 8.1 accepting packets it should not

Hi Jürgen,

> checking my logs today I found that my firewall accepts some 
> (not all!) 
> packets to TCP high ports, although I thought I had them all closed. 
> The firewall script is the latest update for 8.1, the system is SuSE 
> 8.1 with all current patches installed. Any ideas?
Maybe the packets in your log are answer packets to a connection
your computer initiated. Guess your computer initiates an ftp connection
to some computer in the internet. The destination port is the port 21
of the ftp server, and the source port is e.g. port 1234 of your computer.
So the answer packet from the ftp server has source port 21, and the
destination port is the port 1234 of your computer. Do you want the firewall
to drop this packet?
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