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Re: [suse-security] SuSE Security Announcement: postgresql (SuSE-SA:2002:038)

On Don, 24 Okt 2002, Armin Schöch wrote:

>> It makes no sense to me, to list "Pending vulnerabilities" within security
>> announcements, but dont list then later anymore....
>--> It makes perfect sense to me: If they are not listed any more,
>they are no longer "pending" but "resolved" and the update package is
>there and can be picked up manually, by YOU or by fou4s

And how do you realize that they are "no longer pending", while no new
announcements are posted for a while ??

Another problem is/was the "fetchmail"-problem, which was listed, and later
not anymore - but a fetchmail-update does'nt appear at YOU :(

In all the cases, i preffer the way to publish the "pending"-list at
www.suse.de - so we (and the rest of users/admins) can see comming/pending
updates and published updates ...

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