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Re: [suse-security] Sec. Update of KDE

> Hi,
> i try to get the official Suse secutity update of KDE.
> Two weeks ago there was a security advisory for KGhostView
> (http://www.kde.org/info/security/advisory-20021008-1.txt)
> I tried to use YOU to get KDE3.0.4 but at least for Suse 8.1 I could not
> find the update (within YOU). But there *are* KDE3.0.4 RPMs at
> ftp.suse.com/[...]/update/8.1/rpm/i586. Why don't they show up within
> YOU? Are they not yet ready or will they get replaced within the next
> few days?

The latter, yes. We want to have that material fixed in all security
aspects. Better do it again now than later.
We're busy with them right now.

> Or maybe am I save with my KDE3.0.3 Suse 8.1 standard installation?

Not quite. Please wait for a few hours...

> Thanks in advance,
>    Matthias


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