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AW: [suse-security] network connections

Hi Dirk,

first: this is definitely NO question for SuSE-Security!!! Try beginners or
something else, there are many other lists. I think this list is for people
with a lot more to do than to read things like this...

You want:

eth0 = tcp/ip, internal network (
dsl0 = pppoe, as gateway for (
ipp0 = ppp or raw, as gateway for (

You configured:

eth0 = internal network (
eth1 = as gateway for (
ipp0 = ppp ???

So, if dsl (or ppp) starts, it finds eth1 is still configured and gives up.
Read the f***ing manual or try Yast and change your config.

Sorry for my bad english & I hope I wasn´t unpolite(? unhöflich), but I´m a
little angry.

Greetings from northern germany
Thorsten Hahn

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