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Re: [suse-security] holes in linux kernel < 2.4.20?

> > As Joerg said: It's "unstable". It might bitch at you in many ways.
> >
> > We're working on updates. But it will take a few more days. Be patient.
> I often work with these packages from Hubert and usually they run
> fine for me... I was just confused because I did not find the fix
> code from the kernel-2.4.19-sec file in Huberts RPMs, so I wasn't
> sure if the patch had been applied to this unstable tree or not...

There is a lot of work in these kernels - with more than 1000 kernel
modules and 100MB+ code to compile, there are many ways that errors
happen. Keep in mind that the SuSE kernels contain code that is not
present in the official kernel tree (but might appear there in the

Concerning the fixes: There are multiple flaws in there, yes. But if you
worry about losing some bytes of memory if you unplug a joystick (just a
demonstrative example) and consider this a security problem, I can't help
you. There are thousands of flaws fixed in each SuSE product, and some
others added in exchange. Over the time, they get smaller, and the
products get better and better.

> Anyway, I'll wait for the official update!
> Thanks!
> Frank

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