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[suse-security] Fou4s 0.8.0 release announcement

After more than a month of development I can announce another version of
fou4s - with lots of useful new features :)

For those who don't know: Fou4s (Fast OnlineUpdate for SuSE) is a
replacement for slow and (officially) unautomatic YaST OnlineUpdate (YOU).

Fou4s runs via cronjob to check for updates every night, download them and
offer you a quick interface to install them during the day. If you forget
- no problem: Fou4s will bug you with mails every day ;)

Major changes for this release are
* SuSE Business Product support (eMail-Server, SuSE Linux Enterprise
  Server, etc.). Fou4s may not auto-detect your business product properly,
  so please look at the example config file for configuring it right!
* Download of updates from the supplementary tree (XFree86, Gnome, KDE)
  using gpd.sh from Lars Ellenberg (included).
* More 8.1 compatibility fixes (Patch description format changed again).

You can get Fou4s from http://fou4s.gaugusch.at/ .

Special update instructions

Due to some internal changes, the config option PackageListDir is no
longer necessary. Other options have been changed, added or removed as
well. It would be best, if you started from a new config file (created as
/etc/fou4s.conf.rpmnew during update). The cronjob has also changed (copy
from /usr/share/doc/packages/fou4s/fou4s-crontab to /etc/cron.d and edit
for your taste).

At this place I also want to say thanks to Lars Ellenberg for his
additions to fou4s (patch description generator and some other work) and
Soeren Mindorf, who provided me with a SLES to test business product
support. Many thanks go to all beta testers who sent me bug reports.

kind regards
Markus Gaugusch

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