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Re: [suse-security] netfilter nat bug; suse 8.0 kernel affected?

Roman Drahtmueller sagte:
> We fix remaining bugs. There are some that we don't want people to
> experience, such as IDE hangs

IDE hangs?!?!?

maybe THAT is what kills my SuSE 8.0 all the time?

Got a promise controller and a samsung 80Gig disk in my firewall/server.
whenever my main box is in linux, suddenly everything stops. And I _DO_
mean everything; both machines freeze in the very same moment. As long as
my main box is on windows everything's fine.

By now I think I traced it down to that ist started to happen shortly
after I applied the glibc patch available in YOU...

I'll reverse that one tonite and have another go at it.


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