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Re: [suse-security] SuSEfirewall 2 port redirection / forced mail server

> >i want to acomplish the following and wanted to know if its possible with
> >susefirewall2/iptables:
> >our company network is masqueraded by a susefirewall (all private ips). i
> >want all users behind the firewall to use my external mailserver (is
> >and spam protected), no matter what mailserver they have in their outlook
> >express settings (i.e. port 25 has to be redirected). the redirect rules
> >susefirewall2 allow only for redirection to a local port on the firewall,
> >but i don't want any services on the firewall. so i want to redirect to
> >external ip address (public ip).
> >can this be done (or has it already been done by someone) ? any help
> >appreciated.
> you can use rinetd - it will forward ports from your firewall to your
> mailserver.
> dirk
thanks, worked right from the start. i wanted to make this on the firewall
level at first, but what the heck.

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