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Re: [suse-security] OT:[suse-security] don't put'em togheter...


Miguel Albuquerque wrote:
> "SuSE Linux is developing a desktop Linux distribution that will allow
> Windows users to continue using (some of) their Windows applications,
> including Microsoft Office. The SuSE Linux Office Desktop will be
> available for $129 in January, and will include Acronis OS Selector
> for disk partitioning during installation and Codeweavers CrossOver
> Office for Windows API emulation."
> What's next? SuSEXP? Sorry, for this posting but I'm getting scared...

get scared about the "Thought police", not about SuSE.

It's a good move, that will probably do GNU/Linux a lot of good in
the end, especially when previous Windows users actually get to see
there's a better alternative, and a better alternative to keeping a
piggy-back M$ Office.

A software I use (no, an alternative doesn't exist yet) needs
Windows and uses M$ Office as a kind of import interface, nothing
more, and it will be very nice not having to twiddle about in Wine
registry more than necessary.

What would interest me, and what worries me, is if and what security
implications this has.


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