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Re: [suse-security] OT:[suse-security] don't put'em togheter...

Roman Drahtmueller wrote:

There is no way around being interoperable these days. SuSE will remain
what it is, it's just that products need to be adjusted to the world's
needs. These needs do not remain the same over time. Companies rely on
their data being readable, while the O/S selection is a question of second

Right, but then, why not an Open Source SuSE Office instead of "Win$ inside" SuSE? What are the security implications of Win API emulation? StarOffice isn't enaugh? Does it or not MSOffice compatibility?

That's why I got scared. When a company starts looking for interoperation prior to devellop his own possibilities.

Anyway, thanks for "SuSE will remain what it is..."


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