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Re: [suse-security] OT:[suse-security] don't put'em togheter...

On Thu, 2002-10-31 at 09:44, Gudmund Areskoug wrote:
> > This article is utter and complete baloney BTW. Even if you associate
> > WINE with the ms-dos executable mime type, you will have to press
> > return when asked whether to "open" the attachment using WINE.
> well, there's no protection against stupidity...

Wasn't there some noise about KMail doing this by itself recently, if
configured badly?
> > (And I very much doubt that Klez actually _works_ in WINE - they may
> > have heard a whirring noise and seen WINE popping up. That doesn't
> > mean it's actually propagating. To do so it would probably need some
> > sort of mail configuration in its Windows sandbox).
> Thanks for pointing it out, I'll do two things:
> - read up more carefully
> - keep my "disaster area" computer ready for trying it out next time
> someone sends me one of those thingies.

I've infected WINE with a few .exe style virii, just out of interest.
Anyone fool enough to run Outlook on it should expect to get hit.

For the careful people, I'd suggest setting the wine drive paths to your
"sandbox" (~/.wine/fake_windows by default?), and remove the /, ~/, /tmp
and so on mappings so it doesn't have access to your other stuff - eg,
just let it use C:. The downside is that you lose access to your files
from wine, but that's the point isn't it? You'd need to use a "transfer"
directory that WINE has access to.

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