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Re: [suse-security] 7.3 Kernel Update

Thanks !

/ Filesystem is ext2 IDE so that´s why nothing was in it ...

Upgrade succeeded - machine is up an running ... !


Armin Schoech wrote:

Hi !

"The variable INITRD_MODULES .... The variable should contain
your scsi adapter (if any) or filesystem driver modules."

cat /etc/rc.config | grep INITRD
INITRD_MODULES="eepro100 3c90x 3c90x"

Shows only the three NIC´s but no scsi adapter or filesystem module.

--> Do you use SCSI or AT-IDE drives ? If you don't use SCSI drives,
you can forget about the first comment.

Which file system do you use on your system partition? Try "mount" to
get a list. If you use ext3, you need "jbd ext3" (preferably in this order) in
INITRD_MODULES, if you use reiserfs, you need "reiserfs" in
INITRD_MODULES. For ext2, you don't need a special module.


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