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[suse-security] SSH and Apache warnings Nessus

Hi List!

I have two problems with a new installed SuSe Linux Professional 8.2.
All current patches are applied. Wehn I am scanning the box with the 
nessus I get the following warnings:

- 	You are running a version of OpenSSH which is older than 3.7.1

- 	You are running OpenSSH-portable 3.6.1p1 or older.

As I wrote before I installed the latest SSH Version from SuSe.
Is this O.K. and just an Nessus Problem with the SuSe version of 

- 	The remote HTTP server allows an attacker to read arbitrary files
	on the remote web server, simply by adding a slash in front of its name. 
	Example: GET //etc/passwd will return /etc/passwd.

I already installed the newest SuSe Apache 1.3 package. Where is the problem?
Amazing is that the GET request does not return the whole passwd but only two 

Any suggestions?


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