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Re: [suse-security] root has no shell

Well check your syntax for the su -s then.
A simple su -s /bin/bash
or su -s /bin/sh

_should_ work imho

BB, Arjen

On Wednesday 08 October 2003 16:46, Ulrich Kautz wrote:
> Hmm, /bin/false is 0755 and belongs to root.
> I also cant scp the passwd back and overwrite the existing passwd
> (permission denied).
> And im not trying to hack someone else system. Actually its not my System,
> but the one who owns it asked me to help him.
> OK, here is a short overview about my permissions:
> - I do have normal user access to the system.
> - I am in the admin group (gid 500, normal usergroup).
> - I do have the root password (and my user password of course).
> - I do not have any physical access to the System.

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