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Re: [suse-security] root has no shell

Simply enter:

linux init=/bin/bash

at lilo promnpt.

There you go.
edit /etc/passwd
dont forget

mount -o remount rw /

You need to reboot for this, but that might be OK ;-))


Ulrich Kautz schrieb:

Hmm, /bin/false is 0755 and belongs to root.
I also cant scp the passwd back and overwrite the existing passwd

And im not trying to hack someone else system. Actually its not my
System, but
the one who owns it asked me to help him.

OK, here is a short overview about my permissions:
- I do have normal user access to the system. - I am in the admin group (gid 500, normal usergroup).
- I do have the root password (and my user password of course).
- I do not have any physical access to the System.


here would be a workaround:
mv /bin/false /bin/false.TEMP
ln -s /bin/bash /bin/false
echo "/bin/false" >> /etc/shells
login as root
chsh root
set it to /bin/bash
*undo /bin/false:
rm /bin/false
mv /bin/false.TEMP /bin/false


Ulrich Kautz wrote:

Hello All,

Ive got a big Problem. I changed the root shell to /bin/false.

There is neither a user in the sudoers nor is there any other root-user
or even a user in the root group.

Is it possible to switch back the shell to /bin/bash or sh or something?

Ive tried:
sudo -- not in sudoers
su -s /bin/bash -c "command" -- "using restricted shell: /bin/false"

thanks in advance,

Technical Support Engineer - RAV Division
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